Car Simulator 2 all latest & old version

If you are missing the old Car simulator 2 game or looking for a latest version. Then I will show you the differences between these versions. Car simulator 2 is a game which has a lot of versions.

In these versions, some people download the latest version of car simulator 2 and some old versions. You can download latest and old version. To play this game in PC check our blog Car Simulator 2 for PC.


Actually, versions mean another type of same game but with additional events or anything. They also remove bugs or issues in the game. Here are the some versions of Car Simulator 2:


Version 1.51.05

This version is almost the same as the under version. There is only the addition of something such as 5 new cars, new decals, nitro and gifts for the new year. To download this version click on Car Simulator 2 v.1.51.04.

Version 1.49.5

The latest version of this game is also good. It has a lot of features such as a gas station , mechanic shop ,360 degree angle view and many more . This version gives you a realistic gameplay and different controls to play this game like gamepad or many more etc. When the game is updated they add these things and make it better from the previous version.

Version 1.48.3

In my opinion this version 1.48.3 almost has the same features that is in the latest version. But some features are not present in this version but present in the latest version like a gas station where you can refuel and a mechanic shop where you repair your car. The version of this game was released on 23 October 2023.

Version 1.47.6

The version 1.47.6 was released on Aug 20,2023 by OpannaGames. This game has a new feature that starts from this version and is going on. The features are traffic rules for beginners that they drive carefully in real or game and navigation systems. It looks like maps. If you do not know the way to your destination. Then you can check the navigation system to reach your destination.

Version 1.46.5

This is the second last version in this article in which I tell you about new features. The new features are multiplayer mode , online events and racing options etc. In multiplayer mode you can play this game with your friends and family or others. You can play this game online but online there is a disadvantage that it shows you ads. The last is the racing option. If you’re a car lover then it is good for you to race with anyone and show your skills and experiences with them. This version was released on May 3, 2023.

Version 1.46.4

The last version of this article, not the last version of the game. The new features are a new garage and showroom which is under your house, a drift option which is good for car lovers or those who love drifting and realistic physics such as you can start the engine and hear the car sound. This game will be released on April 18, 2023.


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In this article I tell you the 5 old versions and the latest version with their features added in their time and are going on. Few features are not going on with the game but some are going on. Some new features that made the game the best as the new features are added in this game. The latest version has a lot of features of old versions.

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