Car Simulator 2 vs City Car Driving Simulator 2

I know that you are confused about which game is best among Car Simulator 2 and City Car Driving Simulator 2. So, do not worry, I will tell you which game is best with detailed information. First, I will introduce these games.

And then I will tell you the unique features of these games that made one game unique. In the end you will know which game is best. You can also download Car Simulator 2 Mod APK.

Intro to Car Simulator 2

Car simulator is a game launched by oppanaGamez on feb 26, 2019. The game is about cars. The best game for beginners who are learning driving. All the games in the world have some unique features that make him best from others. The features are realistic gameplay, gas station and weather changes. The game is also played online and multiplayer. The  game has various cars such as luxury and expensive cars. You can buy cars with money and gold. There is a unique addition of taxi missions where you can earn money. Check our blog in which we compare Car Simulator 2 and Nitro nation.

Car Simulator 2 gameplay

Intro to City Car Driving Simulator 2

The game City Car Driving 2 launched by BoneCracker Games on Sep 12, 2016. The game can be played online but not multiplayer. The game has day and night changes. It also has traffic laws that are best for drivers. The game has some features such as weather changes, police and 3d amazing graphics etc. In this game you should avoid traffic laws. The game has exciting missions and tasks for you. In this game you can earn money by online events such as drag races and many more. You can upgrade your car with money and others.

City Car Driving Simulator 2 gameplay

Common things between these games

Here are the same features that made one game the best to play.

Car Simulator 2

City Car driving simulator 2

The game has a 360 degree angle view which can be used to see car interiors and other things.It does not contain it.
The lamps in the game automatically turn on and off.It contains lamp controls. The user can control the lamps.
The game has multiplayer mode. The user can play this game with friends and family etc.It does not contain multiplayer mode.
It has different  vehicle controls such as you can play this game by gamepad or tilt option and buttons.The game has vehicle control (tilt and buttons only).
A gas station where you refuel your cars.The game does not have a gas station.
The game has exciting missions.The game also has exciting missions.
A mechanic shop where you upgrade or repair your car.The cars can be upgraded or repaired automatically with some money.
The game has weather changes such as day-night and rain etc.It also consists of weather changes.
It has online racing events.The game also has online racing events such as drag race and many more.
The game has traffic laws. So, drive the car according to laws.It also has traffic laws.
The game has taxi cars. The user can make money by taxi.
It does not have taxi missions.


According to the table, these games have some features that are unique and some are common. The table says that car simulator 2 is better than city car driving 2. Because he has a lot of features that are not available in city car driving 2.


In this article, I will introduce you to these games. I put some features that show them which game is best. According to my opinion and table, the car simulator 2 is the best game. For more versus check our blog Car Simulator 2 vs  Extreme Car Driving Simulator.

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