Car Simulator 2 for PC ( Windows ) and Macbook



508 MB




Simulation & Car

Game type



LD Player

Installation 50M+

Requires 6.0 and up

Version v1.51.04

Language English

The car lovers also prefer to play car simulator 2 on a PC or mac book. Some people know that there are multiple software that allows us to play this game on macbook or pc. But some people think about how to play this game on pc or macbook. Then he felt nervous because some of them didn’t  know about that. 

Few want to play this game on PC or Macbook because after playing Car Simulator 2 Mod Apk or IOS you feel bored. So, they researched things that allow you to play the android or IOS games in PC or Macbook. Actually, these things are known as emulators.

Introduction to Car simulator 2

Car simulator 2 is a game about cars launched by oppanaGamez on Feb 26,2019. This game can also be played offline and online. The game has a 3d open world where you have freedom to go anywhere you want to go. It also has a 360 degree angle view to look anywhere such as car interior and other things. You can also download the latest or old version of Car Simulator 2.

The game has some features that’s why people choose this game to play and enjoy themselves.

Car simulator 2 in pc or macbook


Realistic Gameplay

The game has realistic gameplay that gives the feeling of a real car. The game also has luxury and expensive cars

3d open world

The game also allows us to go anywhere in the open world. The user can go anywhere where he wants to ride his favorite cars.

360 degree view

The game provides you a 360 degree view to see your car interior and others. It looks amazing on the big screen. 

Repairing or customization option

There is a mechanic shop where you upgrade or repair your car. It is good for cars to run better.

Daily missions

There are some missions for the user everyday. The user completes the tasks to earn money and rewards. He can use money to buy cars.

Gas Station

The user can refuel her cars whenever he wants to go on long drives or anywhere. The best things before going anywhere.


These are the programs that allow the computer to behave like the other computers. There are different types of emulators such as game console emulators, operating system emulators and mobile app emulators. In this game we use mobile app emulators.

Mobile app Emulators

These are the emulators that allow mobile apps to run on a pc or macbook. For this game we use this emulator. There are multiple emulators but the famous ones are bluestacks and ld player.

Why do people prefer to play games on pc or macbook?

The people prefer to play the games on pc or macbook. The major points are as follows.

  •  They prefer to play games on pc or macbook because in mobile there is a tiny screen. All the things in the game are viewed as small things. So,they prefer the large screen of a pc or macbook.
  • They also prefer it because in mobile phones there are battery limitations. So, they are forced to not play the games. But in pc or macbook there are no battery limitations.
  • Another reason people prefer it is the ultra graphics that their mobile phones do not support.
  • The last reason people prefer it is due to accurate inputs such as keyboards and mouse.

How to play it on pc or macbook

  1. First download the emulator above the paragraphs.
  2. Then open the emulator.
  3. Go to play store and add your google account.
  4. Then search your game in the play store.
  5. Download it and play games.


In this article i tell you about how to play this game on macbook or pc. I will tell you about Emulators and the steps to download your game in emulators. This was the article. If you not like this game you can also read our blog Alternate of Car Simulator 2.

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