Car Simulator 2 for IOS ( Iphone & Ipad)



543 MB




Simulation & Car

Game type


Installation 50M+

Requires 11.0 and up

Version v1.51.05

Language English

Car simulator 2 for IOS gives a realistic driving  feel. It has all the features that are present in a normal car. The 360 degree view looks very amazing. In my opinion it is all that is important for a real car. It gives a real driving experience.

Car simulator 2

The game about driving launched on Feb 26, 2019 by oppanaGames. The car simulator 2 is a driving game which gives a real driving experience. It has a 3d open world and 360 degree view which was the best thing in my mind. You can also play this game with your friends and family and others. You can download Car Simulator 2 Mod Apk by clicking over it.

Car simulator 2 in Ipad

This game is for both IOS and android. It is a game that has all things that are common for cars such as a gas station, police for obeying the traffic laws,upgrading and customizing and many more. It allows you to drive anywhere in the city and village. You can get quests and bonuses everyday. You can complete quests to earn money which is used for buying or customizing a car. If you do not want to check the games similar to these than click over Alternate of car simulator 2.

UpdatedOct 21, 2023
Price free
Requirement visionOS 1.0 or later.
CategorySimulation games
PermissionsLocation, camera etc.


Multiplayer and Online

You can play this game with your friends. The addition of multiplayer mode gives a benefit to all the friends and family to play together. Now, you can also play online and earn rewards. You can also upgrade your car by joining or winning in online events.

Real sound effect

The game also gives you a realistic sound of cars. This gives you the feeling of a real car.  The driving of a car becomes more realistic with this. This gives an advantage to some people who love car crazy and loud sound.

360 degree view

The  game also provides a 360 degree view which is an amazing thing for car interiors and other things. You can also see tall buildings and greenery villages with this but keep in mind do not look anywhere in real life while driving a car on a busy road.

Traffic laws

The game also has traffic laws. That is also present in real life. So, obey the traffic laws. The police are at any place at any time. So, do not drive a car fast in the city or anywhere and if you broke the laws the police caught you. To protect from police you need to drive your car at minimum speed,

Daily quests and bounces

Everyday, the quests and bounces are available for you. The quests are actually in the form of a couple of tasks. You can complete quests to earn rewards and you can upgrade your car with those rewards. 

Weather Change

It also has weather changes such as day and night. After sunsets the city is brightened with street lights which look beautiful. Weather changes also include rain, winds and heat. Whenever the rain occurs, driving a car gives an amazing feeling.

Gas station

Wherever you go for a long drive and your fuel comes to an end and the fuel of your car is empty. So, do not worry there is a gas station where you refuel your car and enjoy the long  drive with your friends and other

Full Maps

In this game you have freedom to go anywhere. You can drive among the lush green villages and cities and enjoy yourself. But avoid speeding because police are present occasionally in the village and city. You can drive your car anywhere at the speed limit.

Race mode

Now the game has drag race mode where you play and earn money. This is the best thing for car lovers because in this mode they challenge their friends and others to test whose driving is best.

 Mechanic Shop

If you do not like your car and you do not have enough money. So, do not worry there is an option of customizing or upgrading your car. There is a mechanic shop where you upgrade  or repair your car.


If you drive the cars only in the game then you feel bored. So, to end this boredom, different tasks are given to you. You can complete tasks and earn money. There are some other games similar to this game. So, we make car simulator 2 vs city car driving blog that will give you idea which game is better. This game also give mission and many feature like car simulator 2.


Yes, we can play this game on ios with ultra graphics

No, you can’t learn full driving through this game. But it is good for beginners to learn how to drive

Yes, we can see the interior of the car through a 360 degree angle view.

Yes, we can play this game offline and online both. 


In this article I tell you about Car simulator 2 features such as race mode , multiplayer mode and others. This game is good for you if you are a car lover because I have tested other games. They are not good. I will also tell you how to install this game in IOS. You can also play this game at PC. For more details visit Car Simulator 2 for PC.

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