Car Simulator 2 vs Extreme Car Driving Simulator ( Features )

You wanna choose which game is best to play. So, let’s check and find which game is best among car simulator 2 & Extreme car driving simulator with a brief detailed information. First off all I introduce you these game in short.

Car simulator 2 vs Extreme car driving simulator

Here is the introduction of these games. After that there are comparisons. In the end I am sure that you will be able to select which game is best by yourself. You can also download Car Simulator 2 Mod APK by clicking over it.

Intro to car simulator 2

The game car simulator 2 was launched by oppanaGames on Feb 26, 2019. The game has some realistic features which made him unique such as a gas station where he refuels his cars, a mechanic shop where he repairs or upgrades his cars and 360-degree angle view which he can use to see his car interior. The game can be played online and offline. The game also has multiplayer mode. To play this game visit our blog Car simulator 2 for IOS.

car simulator 2 game

Intro to Extreme car driving simulator

The extreme car driving simulator was released on July 15, 2014 by AxesInMotion Racing. The game has all sports cars. This game is also known as  AXSMR. The game has unique features such as you can crash your car in this game and see damage, drift and many more. The game can also be played with a steering wheel , game-pad, tilt and buttons that are awesome. In this game you will perform anything without fear of being caught by the police. 

extreme car driving simulator game

Unique features that make one the Best

There are some features that make one game the best. Here are the features.

Car simulator 2  Extreme car driving simulator
The game has a 360 degree angle view used for viewing the car interior and other things.The game does not support it.
It has a mechanic shop where you can repair or upgrade your cars.You can upgrade or repair your car automatically. 
A gas station where you refuel your car.It does not have a fuel system.
The game does not show damage to cars.It shows the damaged parts.
It has traffic laws.It has traffic laws but if you do not follow it there is no problem.
You can play this game with a gamepad, tilt and buttons.You can play this game with a steering wheel that was not in car simulator 2, tilt , button and gamepad.
There are missions for you everyday.This game also has exciting missions
You need to buy cars with money and gold.Every car in this game is for free.
The game has all cars i.e new and old.The game only consists of new cars.

Which is best? 

The table shows that this game has some features that are unique. But in this game the one game has more features that are unique and not present in other games. The game is car simulator 2. It has unique features and it is also good for beginners.


In this article I will introduce you to these games and their features. I tell you that car simulator 2 is best because it has more features and we prove it in the above table. So,In my opinion and according to the table the car simulator 2 is the best game for you. Click the link if you want to read versus like car simulator 2 vs City car driving.

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