Car Simulator 2 MOD APK v1.51.5 ( Unlimited money & all cars unlocked )



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Simulation & Car

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Free shopping/unlimited money & gold/VIP unlocked/no ads/Mod menu/all cars unlocked.

Installation 50M+

Requires 6.0 and up

Version v1.51.05

Language English

If you are a car lover and want to dive into driving simulator games then Car Simulator 2 game is best for you. It gives a realistic driving experience. Every car lover has a wish to drive luxury and expensive cars but he can’t. So, don’t worry, the modified games allow you to drive all cars and many more.     

I tested some MOD APks. I found a MOD APK file that solves our problem. It allows us to drive all the cars in the game. The file is above paragraph. Click to download and enjoy. If you want to play this game on IOS, check our blog Car Simulator 2 for IOS, and in Windows, check our blog Car Simulator 2 for Windows.

Car Simulator 2

The game Car Simulator 2 is developed by Oppana Games on Feb 26, 2019. The game include in simulator games. This game is now very popular. They have 50+ Million downloaders. The game is famous for its realistic features, which are discussed below. However, in Car Simulator 2, you will be bored because it does not give your favourite car or anything for free. You need to buy it. You can buy it gold or complete a mission. You will be bored, and it will take more days to collect the required gold to buy it. But the Car Simulator 2 Mod APK gives you everything for free. You can buy it for free.

Car Simulator 2 game before Mod

Car Simulator 2 Mod APK

The modified version of Car Simulator 2 is the Car Simulator 2 Mod APK. The Mod APK provides you unlimited money, gold, all cars unlocked, and VIP unlocked. After getting Mod APK, you would enter in new world where everything is free.

In MOD Apks, all things are unlocked. In this mod, we enjoy by driving all luxury, cheap, and expensive cars at no cost. It means cars that are locked or paid, but the mod provides you all features such as unlimited gold and money, all cars unlocked, no ads, etc, for free.

Using Mod APK of Car Simulator 2

Difference between orginal game and modified game

The difference is that the original game did not provide us with a lot of cars, money, gold, etc, for free. We can get these things by completing missions or ads or by. Meanwhile, the modified game provides all these things for free. This was a small difference. You can also download the latest or old version of Car Simulator 2 from here. To see games similar to Car Simulator 2. Visit our blog, Alternates.


Unlimited Money 

In this Mod Apk you can get unlimited money which is useful for car’s lover. The user can use unlimited money to unlock expensive or luxury cars. This provides an advantage to users to buy his favorite cars. The user can also unlock features and conquest challenges without any hesitation.

Free Shopping

The upgrade of a car is very important for running it in real life or in a game. The parts of cars are used to upgrade it. The MOD allows you to upgrade your cars. The cars can go fast or do not crash due to their full tuning.

All Cars Unlocked

The cheap or expensive cars are at high cost in real life or games. People cannot buy it in real life but there is a wish of every car lover to drive all cars in the game. To fulfill their wish, they installed the modified game, which you can download from us or anywhere. The MOD provide you to drive all cars to fulfil your wish and enjoy yourself.

All Missions Unlocked

Some people feel bored after doing missions from start to end. But this game ends your boring feeling by giving you all the missions unlocked. The user can start any mission from start or end, it does not matter.

Multiplayer Mode

The user can also play multiplayer mode. The user can play it with his family, relatives, friends, etc. This can also be used to compare their driving.

Race Mode

The game also has a racing mode. Basically, there are racing events in a month or year. Users can participate in racing events and can also win exciting prizes.


The game has a big map. People go anywhere in the game. It also has secret places for users. You can go to any city anytime, it is a freedom for all. Some cities have busy roads covered with tall buildings that give you the feeling of a real life game.

Real Traffic Style

This game also gives us real life traffic which are controlled by AI. In this game you also avoid traffic laws such as over speeding and other laws. If you break the laws the traffic police will catch you.

Daily bonus and Quests

The game also gives you a bonus and quests everyday. The user can open the daily bonus and gain prizes or other things. On Other hand, the user can complete various quests and earn prizes.

Real driving experience

The other games do not give us a real or 3d game. But this game has high graphics that give the user the feeling of real life driving experience.

Different Viewing angles

The game has a different viewing angle. Every angle has a unique view and it also shows the beauty of the car interior. It is the source of joy and happiness for car lovers and others.

Controls and Interactions

The game provides a full control experience which consists of gear, steering and others etc. You can also play the game by connecting your gamepad to mobile. You can also change the vehicle settings such as tilt or buttons.

Gas Station

This game consists of gas stations. The gas stations are present in different cities. The user can refuel her car. 

Day-Night cycle and weather change

This game has a stunning day-night cycle. At night, the street lamps brighten the city which looks beautiful and In day, the light of the sun.  The game also has different weather changes, such as rain in the city, windy clouds, and extreme heat. In my opinion, it is a copy of real life. 

Mechanic Shop

There is a mechanic shop. Whenever your car has faced any damage or you want to upgrade your car. You can go to shop and repair or upgrade your car.

Unlimted Gold

The Mod also provides you unlimited money and gold. Gold can be used to buy cars or for shopping. The Gold that this Mod provides you is unlimited. They will never end until you stop using Mod.

VIP Unlocked

Vip unlocked means every VIP thing will be unlocked. You can use every VIP thing for free using this mod apk. Vip includes all expensive things that you can not get in the game but with the help of Mod, you can get it for free.

Sound Effect

The new update comes with big news for car lovers who actually love some cars for their sound. So, In this new update, car sound is introduced. Now, You can drive your car with its drifting sound and get the amazing experience of realistic gameplay.

Free Ride Mode

The game also provides you with free Ride Mode. In the free ride, Mod, you can practice drifting or other things and improve your driving skills. You can also practice for racing and get in first position on the leaderboard by winning more races than others.


The amazing thing about the new update is that leaderboard where you check your position. To first in the leaderboard you need to be more expert than others. You need to win more races than others. Winning more races or maintaining victories will stabilize your first position in leaderboard.

Ads Blocked

There will be no ad that disturbs you. The Mod blocked all the ads. I also get disturbed when I am playing games and ads come. All the ads are blocked so that you can play your game without any disturbance or anything.

What’s new

  • New cars
  • Optimized game
  • Headlight colour
  • Track width
  • New gifts
  • Other mistakes fixed

How to download and install it ?

  1. There is a download button.
  2. Click the button.
  3. After completing downloading, go to download folder.
  4. Click the file with name Car Simulator 2
  5. The mobile phone may be get permission from you and if ask just enable the option.
  6. Again, click the file.
  7. Now, simply install the game.


No, you can not play any other vehicles, such as trucks, buses, and motorcycles, in the game.

Yes, it is free for all.

The game is all about the cars. This provides a 3d car which has all things that are present in real cars. It give realistic game play.

Yes, It unlocks all the cars automatically.

No, all the modified games are not available at the Play Store or App Store.

Yes, we can play this game by connecting our gamepad to a mobile.


In this article, we talk about a Modified version of Car Simulator 2, its features and all the things in it. We also talk about a small difference between the original game and the modified game. So, this was the article in which I tried my best. I hope that you will like it.