Alternative of Car Simulator 2 – Top 5

In the era of games. There are a lot of games which look like another but there will be a slight difference between them. So, If you do not play Car simulator 2 for any reason or you want to play a game like this. There are some games which look like this. 

I did some tests and found these games that look like this game. I will also introduce you to these games. The games are muscle car challenger, car sale simulator dealership, Apex racing, top speed: drag and fast racing and car driving school simulator. You can also download Car Simulator 2 Mod Apk by clicking on it.

Top 5 alternate of Car Simulator

Here is the introduction of these games from what you know about these games.

1: Muscle Car Challenger

The muscle car challenger is also the game which was launched by oppanaGames. In this game you drive your car in the desert and forest. You can play this game also with your friends, family and with others. The game also has weather change (DAY-NIGHT) which is also in car simulator 2. The game has great graphics and realistic gameplay. The game has realistic physics such as you can see car damage.

Muscle Car Challenger game pic
 Car Saler Simulator Dealership game

2: Car Saler Simulator Dealership

This game is launched by Fun land games. In this game you can also drive and sell your car. You can earn money by selling your car and you also buy new cars with them. The game allows you to build your showroom and sell cars in them. The game also has drag race mode in which you can earn money. You can play this game offline.

 Car Saler Simulator Dealership game

3: Apex Racing

In the game of cars, apex racing is also included in this. The game has multiplayer mode. The game is also designed for race and drift lovers. The game allows you to race and draft your car at different locations. In this game you will customize your car. But there is one thing that is not good, that this game requires the internet. The game also gives you exciting missions. The game has realistic gameplay.

Apex Racing game
TopSpeed: Drag and Fast Racing game

4: TopSpeed: Drag and Fast Racing

The game allows you to drag race. The drag race is a common thing that users want. This is the place where you show your skills. You can also customize your car. The game has five different countries and you can select any country where you wanna drive your car. The game has realistic gameplay. You can also select your car in this game.

TopSpeed: Drag and Fast Racing game

5:  Car Driving School Simulator

The game welcomes you in the game of parking and driving. You people are thinking that in this game you will drive your car in school or anything like this. Actually, the game has 9 different locations. The game allows you to drive any car and complete the missions. The game gives you a feeling of real traffic which is controlled by AI. The game allows you to play this game online and multiplayer.

 Car Driving School Simulator game


In this article I will tell you about the games which are similar to car simulator 2. I will also introduce these games. So, now you will decide which game is best for you. You can also check versus like Car simulator vs Extreme Car Driving Simulator or car simulator 2 vs Nitro Nation by clicking on it.

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